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Never Have Another Bad Hair Day

Find a Wig Right For You




Don't let hair loss get you down.

We Are Here To Help.

Here's How We Do It

Schedule a Consultation

Get fitted for a wig

Feel confident!

"The staff was so friendly and inviting. I couldn’t of felt more comfortable ❤️❤️❤️
They have so many different options and make it so fun to try on all different styles before ordering the one you want and it only takes 2 days to come in! I could have cried when I put it on.. it makes me feel like me again. So in love."


You Deserve to Have Great Hair.

Build Confidence

Our wig specialists will make you feel at ease help you find the wig that is perfect for you. When you walk out our door you'll walk with your head a bit higher.

Combat Hair Loss

More than 50% of women experience hair loss. Our wigs are a perfect solution for overcoming it.

Feel Beautiful

We know hair loss can really get you down. You are already beautiful. Our wigs will help you feel beautiful too. 

Why We Started.

The beauty supply store we frequent was right next to Chick Wigs. Over two years ago, Chick Wigs closed and our friends at the beauty supply store would tell us frequently that someone had come in desperately looking for wigs. 

This weighed on us. Women fighting cancer needed a private place where they felt safe and empowered. We've always had a calling to help others, so, in 2018 we decided to open Wigs By Expressions.

We have been in business of making others more beautiful for over 40 years and we believe that this is just another avenue to accomplish this. God has given us this talent and we believe we should share it with others.

We provide a private room so you can feel safe and comfortable for consultations and fittings. Our compassionate staff is here to help you in all your wig needs. 

Never Have Another Bad Hair Day

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