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If you’ve ever asked Judy about face shapes, she’s probably said there are two: Oranges and Bananas. She may have also said the key to styling is transforming Orange shaped faces by arranging their hair to look like a Banana and Banana shaped faces to make them look like an Orange. In 2021, there are a few more options, but this is still pretty much a cardinal rule for stylists.

Enough talk of fruit, let's get to the parts. There are four major face shapes: Oval, Round, Heart, and Square. Each has a part that best suits it, which will be discussed below. Remember, this article is just a jumping off point, and if you already love your part, leave it!

Let’s start by measuring your face and deciding which shape group you fall into. You might want to use a small tape measurer for this. Start by measuring from your hairline to the tip of your chin and write that number down. Next, measure from cheekbone to cheekbone just beneath the corners of your eyes. Measure your forehead at your hairline and stop your measurements when you run into hair again. Finally, measure your chin.

If the length of your face is signifcantly larger than the width of your cheekbones, you'll want to check out the Oval face shape. If your face length and cheekbone width are similar sizes, look at the Round face shape styles. If your chin width is very small, you are probably a Heart shape, and if your forehead width and chin width are very similar, scroll to the Square hair parts section.


Celebrity look alike: Beyonce

Oval shaped faces are the Bananas Judy talks of often. They look great with a middle part or a slight side part.


Celebrity look alike: Selena Gomez

Round faces are the Oranges. Round faces are flatered by deep side parts or middle parts.


Celebrity look alike: Reese Witherspoon

Heart shaped faces look lovely with a deep side part or no part.


Celebrity look alike: Angelina Jolie

Square faces have a strong look. A side part with or without bangs can soften the face, if that's what you're going for.

No matter your face shape or part preference, we hope this was an informative article. And never forget diveristy is what makes our world so beautiful. If you have questions about your face shape or are looking for a new style, give us a call or book online now.

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