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Toppers - How Much do you Really Know About Them?

When you hear the term “Toppers”, what comes to mind? A man with a bad toupee used to be my first thought. Many years ago only “old” people wore toppers. Today we know all kinds of people lose their hair for all kinds of reasons: sickness, alopecia, genetics, medications, and so many others. The old school version of toppers relied on a person coming into the salon once a week, having their topper put on, and returning a week later to have it removed and reattached. That sounds like a lot of work, and for not great results. Thank goodness for advances in these areas! Below I want to discuss some common misconceptions about toppers and some really great benefits to their use. Leave any questions you may have in the comments and we would be happy to answer them!

Although wigs have been popular since the 1800s, they have certainly come a long way in that time. Today, toppers are made of synthetic or human hair and look incredibly real. Not only do they look real on their own, but they blend with natural flawlessly, when chosen correctly.

Toppers start at just $89.00 in all kinds of sizes, colors and textures. They can be purchased with different base sizes and for varying amounts of hair loss. Coming in right and left parts, bangs and so many other alternatives the customization is endless. It is certainly helpful to have an expert choose one for you, and the staff at Expressions is always willing to do just that. The ease of use has consistently improved over the years. Individuals are able to attach and remove without help. The convenience of these new age pieces makes it a great choice for anyone.

Some fears people tend to have about toppers or wigs in general is that they will look unnatural. We are available to help with this process by appointment. Folks may also be concerned about a bald spot showing in the back or openings in the front. The new designs of toppers conceal these spaces easily so wearers can rest assured they will not have an embarrassing slip.

Hair thinning and loss are hugely common problems. Millions of people in the U.S. alone experience it and yet it is very taboo to talk about. Maybe it is the link it holds to youth or femininity. Perhaps we feel it makes us look weak or unhealthy. Whatever the reason, we choose to ignore it, too embarrassed to seek support for fear of looking vain. Instead we suffer a loss of self esteem along with hair loss. Lets work to end the stigma. Besides, what do you have to lose by coming in and trying one on? Call today to make your appointment!

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