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Halloween Trends: Hair Edition 2020

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Looking for a popular costume with minimal preparation? Check out these ten super easy and fun Halloween trends, emphasis on the hair!

1. Carole Baskin - Make or buy a flower crown and leave your hair down and natural. Spray some texturizing spray to get a beachy look. Don’t forget the animal print attire!

2. Netflix’s Hollywood – 1940s style: slicked back hair for men and ladies, set your hair in pin-curls and then release before heading out. Cinched waist dress and long skirt add to the vibe and add a faux fur for a cooler venue.

3. Taylor Swift from Folklore- Style your hair in loose braids and low double buns at the neck. Be sure to stand looking longingly in an open field in a giant coat for at least one picture!

4. Christine from Selling Sunset- If you didn’t start growing your hair out two years ago, a wig or extensions might be necessary for this one. Platinum blonde is also a little hard to come by last minute. Dress in expensive and eye catching dresses and heels and say everything you’re thinking to really get into character.

5. Little Nas X – No need for a hairstyle here, just grab a giant neon pink cowboy hat and matching jacket and pant combo and you will be all set!

6. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – 50s-60s hair. Large loose curls pulled back below the ears with a black dress that comes below the knee. Carry around an old mic and people might just know who you are.

7. Billie Eilish- Green roots and black ends. Maybe not so suitable for work. A wig is the perfect answer for this one! Now all you need is extremely oversized clothes. Preferably in Burberry.

8. Hamilton- Shoulder length dark hair with tiny glasses. Or if you want to be more historically accurate, powder your hair and pull it back into a loose ponytail.

9. David Rose from Schitt’s Creek – long on top, shorter on the sides. Your outfit(s) should be black and white only. Truly authentic Davids would have multiple outfits. Grab a “Moira”, “Johnny” and “Alexis” to pull out all the stops. Ew, David!

10. Mildred Ratched – Pull your hair back into a chignon and top it with a 1960s style nurse’s hat. Accessorize with an ice pick.

We hope this list gave you some ideas of how to dress this Halloween, whether you’re staying in and watching scary movies or heading out safely. Enjoy!

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