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Masks anyone?

While the world stood still, we felt like we needed to take action. For a few weeks, we stayed inside and enjoyed being home and being with our families, but some of us started to get stir crazy. We decided to do something for others (our love language). We got together with our non-profit organization, Expressions of Love, and brainstormed. Pretty quickly, we came up with an idea: make masks! It felt like everyone needed them and we could be of service in this way.

First, we called a quick meeting and found our sewers, our social media experts, our donors and our “whatever I can do to help”-ers. You wouldn’t believe how many people fall into that last category! We made a plan of attack and within a day got the Facebook event up and running with orders coming in from all over.

Next, we got to work. We gathered our fabric donations and scraps from our own homes. Expressions seemed like the largest place to set up shop and a natural location to gather. A quick clean and some folding tables in different stations within the salon spaced everyone out enough to work in the same space. We also alternated shifts.

While we worked we sang and had dance parties and told funny stories; it was starting to feel like life was coming back into 100 West Main Street! We were doing something to make other people feel good and THAT is the best medicine in our opinion.

People quickly started spreading the word and orders were coming in so quickly we couldn’t keep up! We briefly had to pause our intake, yet people still kept donating! Can you believe we live in such an amazing community? The news contacted us a few weeks into production and, of course, after airing, we got even more requests!

All in all we raised $6,143.00! We donated most of it to The Change Initiative which used the proceeds to fund meals to the Meals on Wheels program. The rest is saved for a future project.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to donate, help, share, like, call and deliver. You all make these fundraisers work. We may facilitate, but nothing works without such a caring group of people to work towards a common goal of bettering our world.

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